The Bagmati River Festival 2006 will begin from June 5 with volunteers from over 30 NGOs and college students participating in the two-and-half-month long clean-up drive. This year’s drive will begin at Tilganga Hospital at 7:00 am.

As in the previous years, the events planned for the festival include clean-up programmes, the annual Bagmati Eco-challenge, cycle rallies, tree plantations, rafting, bird watching, heritage walks, music events, afternoon festivals, art competitions among other things.

“Our main aim is to clean up the river so that we can all enjoy it, and, of course, at the same time celebrate Nepal’s sacred river and have some fun,” said Vishwaraj Gyawali, executive director, NRCT.

The festival also features a line-up of musical performances include ‘I want to dance with... Jerry and the Explozion’ at 1905 on June 10, Japanese Tanabata (Wish) Festival at U-Café on July 1, Rain Festival on July 15, an all day event featuring various Nepali bands, and Jaljatra, which is mega concert event on August 20.

Though there are no entry tickets to the musical extravaganza, those wanting to join in the fun will have to have to purchase a T-shirt with the logo ‘Save Bagmati’ that will be kept at the entrance to the venues.

A pre-launch to the festival was held at Moksh on June 3 where information about the fest was given followed by a performance by Stupa. Whether you want to join in one of the clean-up drives, compete in one of the events, or just relax with some good music, be sure to be a part of the festival. — HNS