For the love of food


There is no sincere love than the love for the saying goes.

The Himalayan Times is offering to take you on this journey of love around the world. All you need to do is be there at the Hyatt Regency on November 26 at 11 am. We promise you, we will take you on the ride of your life.

From the land of milk and honey

Promised to the Israelites as the land of milk and honey, Israel was believed to be bountiful and rich. And the Israeli cuisine still holds the essence that reminds you of that wonderland.

Israeli salad, mint lemonade and hummus, in particular, give you reasons to admit why it is called the marvellous land for vegetarians.

Although some Middle-east cuisine have intermingled with Mediterranean food, Israelis have developed their own recipe over the years. “Israeli cuisine is simply great,” says Arjun Kumar Ban, manager of OR2K Restaurant, which will be bringing you authentic Israeli cuisine at The Himalayan Times Food Fest on November 26.

“The famous falafel is going to be a favourite item as it is easy for Nepalis to acquire the taste for this dish,” Ban said, adding that the falafel is similar to our Nepali pakouda. Falafel will be available in a mixed bag, what they call ‘combination’ with six other items.

Another dish will be the Shakshuka, also a mixed bag of five different items. “Mixed bag gives you the experience of a complete flavour of Israeli cuisine,” he said.

On your plate

• Shakshuka Rs 100 (Includes one egg in tomato sauce, Israeli salad, Chilly sauce, Naan, Mint lemonade)

• Combination Rs 100 (Includes Chips, Israeli salad, Naan, Hummus, Chilly sauce, Falafel-2 pieces, mint lemonade)

Roll out the kebabs

An ordinary staple transforms into exotic cuisine once it is prepared and served

with style. But there is also a role of masalas (spices). And Pakistani cuisine is mostly curry and masala based.

Bawarchi restaurant is all ready for the THT food fest. “This is first time Pakistani cuisine is being presented at the international food fest,” Sanjaya Nagiya of the restaurant said. It is quite likely that Pakistan’s popular dishes Biryani and Kathi Roll be the favourite food on the day as hot-and-sour taste is familiar to the Nepali tongue.

Biryani, for instance, a dish of long-grained aromatic rice combined with mutton or chicken and a mixture of characteristic spices, has already become a favourite dish in Nepal. Kathi kabab roll or parathas filled with spicy meat fillings of either chicken or mutton and onion bathed in lime, will be a sure hit on the day.

On your plate

• Paratha kathi roll

• Shami Kebab

• Biryani

• Palak gosht

• Chicken Jhalpharezi with naan

• Curry with naan

• Chana with naan

• Gajar (carrot) halwa

So, join us for this truly Pakistani treat.

Sonar Bangla

Bangladeshi food is simple, geared to balance nutrition with extensive use of vegetables what they call shaak, which includes leafy vegetables such as spinach, fenugreek, or amaranth. But fish, sweets and meat occupy an important place in the diet of Bengalis at various occasions.

The Bangladeshi embassy is all set to spread out a truly Bangladeshi meal that will leave you licking your plate. Taste their delicious Bhuna Kichri (mutton/chicken), fish curry and garam, garam gulab jamuns.

On your plate

• Dhakai Bhuna Kichri with mutton: Rs 150

• Dhakai Bhuna Khichri with chicken kurma: Rs 125

• Fish curry: Rs 100

• Mutton tikia: Rs 50

• Vegetable roll: Rs 50

• Tuna fish chop: Rs 25

• Vegetable pakoda (10 pcs): Rs 50

• Samosa (2 pcs): Rs 20

• Gulab Jamun (2 pcs): Rs 30

• Jalebi: (2 pcs): Rs 30