For the love of sports

Have you wondered why the developed countries are a lot stronger than the under developed countries in soccer? Here’s a story of a little boy — a football fan.

The boy dreamt of being a famous footballer one day. He owned a ball that

he had got after much fighting, pleading and begging from his family.

One day while he was playing with his friends, the ball rolled towards the road. Unfortunately a bus was coming down the same road. The driver did not slow down the vehicle and drove over the ball, squashing it into two.

His family could not afford to buy him another ball so the dreams of this would-be world footballer were also squashed.

This is one of the reasons why children, who are our future stars, do not get the opportunity to prove themselves. Our country is behind not only in soccer but in almost all kinds of sports. We — parents, businessman, companies, corporations — should support sports in any way that we can. Support for this sector should not be the responsibility of the sports council alone.