Ford not too old to play Indiana Jones


Hollywood star Harrison Ford is rebuffing critics’ claims that he is too old to play the adventurous archaeologist Indiana Jones in the upcoming film Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Ford will reprise the role he had made famous in previous Indian Jones movies Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom and The Last Crusade.

He seems certain the latest instalment will do well even though it has a 65-year-old in the lead role. He pointed out that the film embraces the fact Indiana Jones has aged in the 19 years since the first movie in 1989, reports contactmusic.c-om. Ford said, “That’s one of

the things I was most keen about. Just acknowledge the years, without reservation. What’s the big deal? The guy is 18-20 years older. So what? Yeah, I’ve heard it: `Aaaaw, he’s older.’ Well s**t yes. And by the way, so are you... Take a look in the f*****g mirror!”