Fragrant, clean kitchen

KATHMANDU: The tempting aroma of mutton curry or fried fish pulls you to kitchen. You enjoy a hearty meal. The smell of the food lingers in your kitchen but it isn’t as pleasant.

Bad odour can be a real appetite killer. Here are few tips for clean and smell free kitchen.

Bottles: Fill bottle half-full of water and add one tablespoon of mustard or baking soda. Shake well and allow to stand for about one hour.

Cutting board: Rub it with a sliced lemon or lime.

Dishes or plates: Wash them in salty water, or use a little ammonia in hot soapy water. A little ground mustard can also be added to the water.

Grater: Rub a hard crust of bread over it.

Microwave oven: Chop half a lemon into four pieces. Put them in a small bowl with one cup of water and a few whole cloves. Boil for five minutes.

Pots and pans: Wash them in salt water or in hot soapy water with a dash of ammonia.

Kitchen: For an inexpensive deodorizer, put some orange peel in the oven at 350F with the door ajar or boil some cloves in one cup of water and 1/4 cups of vinegar.