LONDON: Freemasons - who have collaborated with Whitney Houston and Beyonce Knowles - admit they are always surprised when they are asked to remix big name artists.

Freemasons felt "honoured" to work with Whitney Houston.

The DJ duo -Russell Small and James Wiltshire - were delighted to be asked to remix the troubled diva's comeback single 'Million Dollar Bill' because they are so in awe of her talent.

Russell said: "She's an incredible performer and vocalist, she's had her problems but she's Whitney Houston and it was a pleasure for us to do it.

"We're just drawn to working with good vocalists, that's everything for us."

The pair have collaborated with artists include Beyonce Knowles, Sophie Ellis Bextor and Kelly Rowland and admit they are still amazed when they get asked to work on a new project.

Russell added to BBC Newsbeat: "We've just been very lucky. Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, they're some of the biggest vocalists and artists in the world. You have to pinch yourselves sometimes.

"For us to be asked to produce and write for these people is phenomenal. The stuff dreams are made of."