Friends for all times

Children’s imaginations go far beyond what an adult can ever imagine.

Scientists believe the intelligence of a child depends on the size of his/her head. Many children make friends, who cannot be seen, but for these children their friends exist.

Adults cannot understand what these imaginary friends have to do with their children. But the children are sure about who these friends are and what they are all about. I know all about

these friends because I used to have one.

My friend supported me and was with me all the time, wherever I went. My friend never had a name because at that time I used to forget my own name. Everyone used to be amazed seeing me talk to myself.

I feel it is good to have imaginary friend(s) as it helps develops a child’s mind. But many parents discourage their children from this. As time moves on, everyone must bid goodbye to his/her imaginary friends one day. They must make new and real friends. Now, I have many new and real friends who always give me support like my old imaginary friend.

— Binaya Vaidya, Class VIII, Adarsha Vidya Mandir