From failures to success

We are all very familiar with the word and the instrument telephone. The world has been globalised and modernised so much that long-distance communication is no longer a problem. Telephone is a means of communication that converts sound into electrical wave using wire. The telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876.

As failures are the pillars of success, this man too had a very miserable failure before making his wish successful.

Bell was born on March 3,1847 in Edinburgh, Scotland. He was the middle among three sons of Alisa Grace and Alexander Melmile Bell. At the age of 16, he worked as a home-tutor for a rich person. At that time, telegraph was in use. As he studied the mechanism of sending message through signs in telegraph, he thought of inventing a new technology in the field of communication.

During that time scientists were also very keen about sending human voice to other places. Due to poor economic condition, he was living by teaching and he put his proposal in front of his student’s parents. As he had already won their hearts, they let him set up a laboratory in a room in the ground floor. They were ready to provide him economic help as well. But after a lot of hard labour and spending a huge amount of money, he could do nothing. As a result, he was made to leave the house.

He was angry with himself, not at his failure, but for making his well-wishers angry. He did not give up as he had a strong determination to achieve his goal. Later he met Thomas Watson, who was of his age, was rich and had the same interests like his. They became friends.

Graham joined two sides of copper with metal plate and wrapped the wire four-five times around the plate and then connected one end of the wire with electricity and transmitted the sound. Though the sound was not clear, after a few days he invented the receiver and transmitter. The device wrapped in copper wire was put on the upper and lower floors and he tested this contraption with his friend, Thomas. They were successful at last.

We can see that success cannot be attained at once. All difficulties have to be faced boldly and must be overcome. Hence, we must go on with our work with patience and perseverance.

— Krishma Maharjan, Class X, Gyankunj High School