Fun unlimited at Durbar Marg


Without the crisp winter sun brightening the day, many must have felt lazy to get out of their beds and enjoy the weekend. But despite the chill, many made their way to enjoy some music and delicious food at the busiest street of the day. The entire street was filled with people with many foreigners wondering “what actually is going on” but as soon as the music started booming filling the air with popular numbers, everyone knew they had arrived at the right place to enjoy their Saturday. The gloomy and dark winter afternoon became much more interesting for the Valley people with fifth annual Yamaha Durbar Marg festival on December 20.

Families decided to relax at fast-food stalls set up by well-known restaurants situated at Durbar Marg. The aroma filled the air and hot delicacies so irresistible on a cold day were enjoyed by the crowd along with the live concert. Despite the cold, teenage girls sporting summery shorts and mini-skirts raised the temperature of the fest. All the branded shops of the street were giving decent discounts tempting many to walk in and check out their wares.

Mai thuli bhayen chhu, Reshma Sunwar’s very popular number was successful in making the crowd jump and dance. Some guys were so excited to catch a glimpse of the singer that they decided to climb trees.

Soon Maya Mantra, the fusion band of guitarist Anil Shah, got on the stage giving all the perfect fusion of traditional Nepali and rock music. Even after the band left the stage, they were back on public demand to play some more exciting music. Anuprastha, Cobweb, Abhaya and the Steam Injuns, X Mantra, Anil Singh, Yogeshwor Amatya and Cine Gurung were also on the list to perform at the festival.

The Durbar Marg Development Board has been organising the festival for the last four years. The amount generated from the festival will be used for Durbar Marg maintenance.