Game of life

For different people life is different things.

Some say it is a beautiful gift, others say it is exciting, adventurous, troublesome or enjoyable.

For me life is like politics. People try to kick you out of your position or try to harm you for the sake of your property. It is always the same — someone or the other is always plotting against you. Sometimes even your own can turn against you.

Life is full of mysteries. Take it seriously. One wrong turn can ruin everything.

Do not attempt to do anything unless you’re sure of yourself but don’t relinquish it simply because others are not sure about you.

Try to remain happy despite the many problems life springs on you. Life brings a lot of sorrows but always be optimistic by thinking about the happiness it has in store for you. Utilise your life to the utmost.

Don’t let it slip out of your hands because once its gone it can never come back. So while you can have fun.