Get help from Carrey


Comic actor Jim Carrey is writing a self-help book on depression after having experienced it himself.

Known for his slapstick performances in the Ace Ventura series, Carrey battled depression for a long time after he became famous and resorted to Prozac to cope, reports. However, he now believes that medicines are not the answer and wants people to deal more with the root causes.

He said, “I dealt with depression for a while by medicating with Prozac and although it was good for dealing with the problem there and then, I wasn’t getting to the bottom of my anger and frustration. I think we have a real problem these days in that everything is treated with a drug. I think there’s a whole new way of healing depression that doesn’t require drugs — and I’m writing a book about it.” He added, “Who better than a comedian to talk about depression, right?”