Getting down to the roots


Below the blanket of clear sky, the twinkling stars, on the green ground and in company of those who appreciate music it was an event to cherish. The evening of November 18 at Alliance Française was dedicated to the celebration of traditional folk music of Nepal. The perfect rhythm and the way the performers were enjoying themselves made the whole presentation more pleasant. Like the seven notes of music the seven members of Kutumba presented a perfect harmony, which without doubt spellbound the audiences.

The band had made a four-day music retreat from November 4 to 7 in Kavre where they conducted workshops and performances with local musicians. They worked with eight local musicians of all ages during their visit and those performers too presented their music. The concert started at 6 pm with screening of a short documentary on their visit to Kavre in search of traditional musicians and instruments. The crowd cheered the band when they continued to perform even during the frequent power failures. Clapping hands along with the songs supported the band for band’s sporty approach to the technical interruptions. Along with their original compositions like Himalaya yak walk, Farewell and few more they also performed all time favourites like Kalilo tama, Jhamke fuli and Resham phiriri. Stage presence and showmanship of the band was terrific. The show ended at around 8 pm with Kutumba and other musicians from Panauti and Dhulikhel jamming together.

The concert was organised by Kutumba and supported by Alliance Française.