Ghimire scores a six

KATHMANDU: Five years ago, Laxman Ghimire was the talk of the town with his first live performance ‘Ghimire Sanjha’ at the Academy Hall. He had rendered Narayan Gopal’s song with equal dexterity as Swar Samrat had done it. The audience who heard him then still admire his magical voice and singing prowess. The audience’s high expectations has finally been met with his latest musical album Aayam.

The album is a fine compilation of what is known as ‘contemporary Nepali songs’ — slow and sentimental numbers. Ramesh Kaya-stha has composed music for the album in a light classical flavour. He has composed melodies out of limited number of instruments and proved that sweet tunes are the arrangement of proper notes that justify the theme of lyrics.

The lyrics are extremely good. Dabbu Chetri, Kartikeya Ghimire, Ghamaraj Litel, Somaraj Pokharel and Krishna Ghimire, all emerging lyricists have woven simple words into memorable verses, which have arguably surpassed the works of renowned lyricists

of the country.

Man ma aandhi chalirahanchha by Somraj, Arulai hanshai hidane by Ghamaraj are written in a melancholic tone describing one’s frustration at the worldly life. Timile naboleni by Kartikey, Timilai chhun man by Krishna are some romantic songs in the album, whereas Hiukholima pani haina by Dabbu gives the country’s current larger picture through words that carries a strong social message.

Hats off to the lyricists, composer and singer. This is an album for those who love to listen to melodious songs coupled with momentous lyrics rendered in a classical husky voice. Ghimire may sound like his role model Narayan Gopal just because the lyrics are composed, but

the originality of his voice is evident in all the numbers.