Giving wings to our creativity

The Shuvatara School had recently organised a book fair-cum-workshop for the students from different schools of the Valley. It was supported by many famous people and writers of Nepal and of foreign countries.

There were a number of competitions too in which we could take part.

The book fair was attended by a large number of people, and many students gained a lot of knowledge from the workshops, which were mostly managed by foreign people. Many publication houses displayed their books at the fair.

I took part in the creative writing workshop, which was held by a foreigner lady. She taught us things related to creative writing, how we could write a new story, to express and articulate ourselves as well as our feelings properly using good and simple language, and how to write well.

She told us to write a story each and made us read it out loud, and gave us suggestions on how to develop and improve on it. We got to learn a lot of things at the workshop.

It was a completely new experience for me. These types of fairs, workshops and competitions are very important and should be organised often as they help all interested students to enhance their creativity.