Goa tantalises!

Kathmandu: How is the idea of a summer sabbatical along the exotic beaches of Goa? Isn’t that too tempting especially when the summer is mercilessly unrelenting? Well, the good news is that you needn’t go places to experience Goa. Hotel Yak and Yeti recreates a veritable Portuguese town for you to revel in vicariously in the true “amchi Goan” spirit this season. The Goan Food Festival at Sunrise café and Piano Lounge brings together the whole assortment of traditional Portuguese delicacies ranging from Canja de Galinha (traditional Portuguese chicken and rice soup) and Kingfish to pork vindaloo, Goan fish curry and more. Chef Nilesh, who’s come all the way from the seaside, to add magic to the Goan festival, says: “Goan foods are very spicy and go very well with the food habits of people here in Nepal.” He uses coconut milk, chillies and Goan vinegar (made from toddy) to add the secret Goan flavour to the dishes.

Added with the temptation of the irresistible culinary delights is the splendid ambience welcoming you right from the entrance. Fish boats, shimmering red paper lanterns and beaded red chillies hang over the thatched buffet hall and the bar stations and special sound effects conveying ocean waves strike a perfect chord with the unique atmosphere. Even the waiters are attired in flower print shirts, white pants and straw hats. And to go with it all, Goan musician Mario is inevitably the centre of the festival who mesmerises eaters with his warbling notes to Dekhni, Duepodos and Goan masala. Indian airlines is the official airlines and Carlsberg the official drink of the festival. — HNS