KATHMANDU: Peter Rowan, the Grammy winner for bluegrass music played at Moksh on March 19 and at Indigo Gallery on March 20. At Moksh, the popular Nepali rock band 1974 AD opened the show.

Rowan sang numbers like "Panama Red" and "Moonlight Midnight". He also sang "The Walls of Time", a number that he composed with Bill Monroe, father of bluegrass music.

"We used to ride a vehicle that we called Bluegrass Breakdown and sure enough, it stranded us near Kentucky," shared Rowan. "And when you are standing with the father of bluegrass music, you hear what he called the old tones."Manose Singh, the flautist of 1974 AD, joined him on the stage with Nirakar Yakthumba on the bass and Sanjay Shrestha on percussion.

They jammed and Rowan played some new tunes that were "inspired by being here in Nepal, Kathmandu, Pharping and hanging out. These new songs are dedicated to the people of Nepal." He played "Leela" and "Natraj", tunes that he composed during his stay here.

Manose Singh also played a new number that the audience named "Maya", a vibrant acoustic dance tune. The money collected from the concerts will be given to Kirateswor Sangeet Ashram. — HNS