Located in the high bluff country of the upper Mississippi Valley, Winona stands among the front ranks of midwestern universities and is recognised as one of the most distinctive undergraduate universities in the United States.

Admission requirements

A Student wishing to apply to Winona State University must meet the following preparation requirements at the conclusion of their senior year of high school:

Four years of English

Three years of Mathematics

Three years of Science

Three years of Social Studies

Two years of World Language

One year of specified Electives

International students

The International Services Office provides information and advise regarding admissions to the University, including information on admissions, and scholarships.


New Presidential Honor Scholarship for International Students based on TOEFL score and renewable for four years.

Cross Cultural Scholarship for students who qualify for admission — allows students to pay at resident rate for tuition.

Majors offered for Undergraduate Degree are available at http://www.winona.edu/coursecatalog

Majors offered for Graduate Studies are available at http:///www.winona.edu/graduatestudy/programs.html