Goldfrapp get critics steamed up

London: Alison Goldfrapp graces the front of her new record, ‘Supernature,’ wearing little more than dark nail polish and a defiant glare. Its contents are equally dark and equally sexy. So much so, in fact, that one critic has already dubbed the third collaboration between Goldfrapp and her musical partner Will Gregory “one of the sexiest albums of the year.”

‘Supernature,’ released on Monday, seems to have left the nation’s music hacks panting and asking for more. Time Out pronounced the record “flushed, sexy and improbably beautiful,” the Independent on Sunday called it “post-coital” and “languid-limbed” before predicting that it would provide “the soundtrack for parties of 200 people, of 20, or of two,” and even the Daily Telegraph got a bit steamed up over its “lashings of sexual frisson.”

It is not the first time, however, that Goldfrapp has probed matters of the flesh. The gentle trip-hop of their debut, ‘Felt Mountain,’ gave way to the electro-raunch of their second, ‘Black Cherry.’ Goldfrapp described the album on Tuesday as “a view into our own alternative reality, random snapshots of mythological beasts ... glitterballs, movie queen decadence, dark dreams and pagan parties.” The album has been welcomed as a worthy modern successor to seductive classics by Barry White and Marvin Gaye.