Good action can’t save Baaghi


Genre: Action Drama

Director: Sabbir Khan

Cast: Tiger Shroff, Shraddha Kapoor and Sudhir Babu

Being screened at QFX Cinemas


A hero saving his heroine from the clutch of a villain, hero-heroine's song and dance routine, predictable story lines and lots of action — Baaghi is a cliché. This potboiler is predictable and monotonous, catering to an average watch.

Baaghi is about Ronny (Tiger Shroff) who falls in love with Sia (Shraddha Kapoor) and in-between them comes a strong villain Raghav (Sudhir Babu).

The screenplay written by Sabbir Khan is not new. Baaghi is not original as Khan has lifted the story from Anil Kapoor starrer 80's hit Tezaab while bits and part are from movies like Drunken Master and The Karate Kid. And as a director, he has used flashback story-telling technique to tell the story but it is so predictable that anyone can guess what happens next. Meanwhile, there is no suspension or any other charm to hold your interest. The best part of the film is action which is well directed.

When it comes to acting, Shroff has done an average job. After debuting with Heropanti, Baaghi is his second film in which Shroff has improved as an actor. He is nothing spectacular but he is more expressive as compared to Heropanti. But Shroff shines in his action avatar. He definitely charms you in his action scenes, be it balancing his body with the thumb of his right hand or fighting with goons. His eight pack abs and dance steps are nothing new.

Kapoor on the other hand, fails to charm. She has less screen presence and her acting falls flat many times.

As an antagonist Babu, has justified his role — his acting and action are convincing. He is a strong competitor to Shroff as a martial art fighter in the film.

Trying to tickle your funny bone and adding humour in the film is Sunil Grover who plays the role of Sia's father. The actor is nice in his role but it is nothing new. He cons as well as jokes in the film — some gags are laughable but the rest is not funny!