Good morning everyone!

Ring! Ring!

Another painful morning! It’s time to get up and brush your teeth!! Boring as usual. I kept on thinking. I shut my alarm and headed towards my bathroom.

As I looked into the mirror I saw the same old ugly face with no generosity and happiness. I washed my face and wiped it. Even after that it was the same old face. I am the same old girl with no enthusiasm and energy. I am a pale and ugly looking girl. No use.

As my daily routine followed, I went to arrange the routine for my school and started revising my lessons. That thing kept on going into my mind. What if my alarm wouldn’t have rung? Hey of course the answer is. “I would be sleeping”. I felt my life too stupid as I always continued the same kind of routine everyday. As mentioned earlier, I had no interest in anything. My friends tell me that I am a bookworm and they are so right! I am sorry for them as I don’t cope with them properly and barely smile at their jokes. What can I do other than this? I had been following this same so-called routine for the past 3 years.

Of course I do something else besides burrowing behind the books I play games and I chat in my computer. So more a less my computer has become my best friend.

Again same old thoughts... But what do I get by doing these same old stuffs? No one ever knows how dull I feel. Feels like I have no life at all. But I can’t say this because I have been given everything that I want — love, caring affection everything. There is no one to be blamed for my situation but me.

One day for a change I decided to go jogging with my father and brother. But then I hesitated. Want to know the reason? Hah! I had to wake up early. Yeah! I know what you are thinking. I am so lazy. But somehow I didn’t lose my hope of waking up so early because I had challenged my brother for it and I did managed. Gosh! Why am I so pathetic? I challenge for stupid things like waking up early? I guess only lunatics in this whole universe do it. I never knew I had started calling myself a lunatic. Yes, it is appropriate for me though. But please don’t get me wrong. I am not a complete lunatic. You will be shocked to hear this but I still go on jogging with my dad and my brother. Maybe to keep up the challenge!

But I am still in search for the real taste of a good, better and more interesting life. I know this is the real destination of mine and it should be. You never know, when life changes cause life is really beautiful. I guess it all depends on us to make our life beautiful. I think we should try learning from our surrounding. Every single thing has significance. Like for me, my alarm clock is a great thing for me because it has taught me not to become lazy and to keep up with challenges. So I have finally decided to change my way of life. I have decided to live life in a more lively manner. Good morning for my new life!