Good turns and mango pie

Good turns and mango pie An old man decided To eat a mango pie for lunch For mangoes were the only things The old man liked to munch.

He thought of selling something To buy mangoes for his pie And with the spare money

Buy himself a tie.

He took a bundle of hay Of which plenty he had And strode to the market And met a man who looked sad.

The sad man had a horse Who looked bony and thin The old man gave his hay away Without being mean.

The sad man became happy And gifted him some wood Then they went their ways Both in a better mood.

Then he met a builder Who was building a house But was short of wood So a problem arose.

Then the old man did A deed that was good And exchanged some cloth With the bundle of wood.

Further on his way A sad woman was seen To know her problems The old man was keen.

On her way she was To her daughter’s wedding In the faraway lands With nothing but empty hands.

He gave the cloth to her She went to her daughter After giving him a flask of water Then the man moved on further.

Then a traveller he met Who looked tired and famished He told that he was thirsty And his water stock finished.

The old man then Thought about the matter And gave the traveller His flask of water.

Thanking the old man He gave some honey The old man sold it And made some money.

Now with the money He bought mangoes for his pie And with the spare money

Bought himself a tie.

“I had a great day, helping so many people, oh my!”

Thought the old man While enjoying his mango pie.