Sanjeev Satgainya


Although Italy is a small country, the culinary delights it offers are a vivid variety. Each of the 20 regions of the land has a cuisine special to itself. Yak & Yeti has brought a gala of Italian food to the town. The Italian Food Festival that starts from January 10 features chef Vito Frioi who has flown all the way from The Grand Hotel, New Delhi. Specialist in Italian cuisine and having worldwide exposure in European cuisine, chef Vito has flown in his 17 years of experience to Yak & Yeti to present as many dishes for the grand Italian food fair.

Chef Vito says,”Along with Nepali, Indian and Continental dishes, I will be presenting some special Italian gastronomic delights that will contain the original Italian tang. Most of the ingredients, I have brought in myself.” For starters, one can relish vegetarian and non-vegetarian soups and an array of salads — Insalatra di Capri, Italian cold cuts, Italian cheese board or salmon and potatoes.

“Those who want to relish the flavour of the seas can enjoy Salmon Bersagliera which blends the taste of shrimp, salmon and tomato,” the good chef suggests. Lamb chops cooked in Gorgonzola sauce or chicken diavola cooked with lemon juice and olive oil and black peppercorns served hot could be the day’s pick for non-veg connoisseurs.

For vegetarians, tomato soup for starters and Lasagna Vegetarian prepared with the sauce comprising lively components: basil, oregano, olives, capers, hot pepper, pecorino cheese, etc, will proffer a better option. As for the desserts, the chef opines, “Maybe Bailey’s Crème Brulee could be the best but it’s up to one’s palate.” The festival continues till January 22. So if you want to savour Italian specialities, missing out lunch and dinner at Sunrise Café or dinner at Chimney Restaurant of Yak & Yeti could leave you with a lot to regret.