Green music

KATHMANDU: Global warming has become a burning issue and spreading awareness among youth seems to be the only solution. Positive Vibes, an entertainment company, organised ‘Save the Planet’ finals of an inter-college music competition at Bhrikutimandap on March 6.

Everest College, Informatics College, Intensive International College, Ace College, New Leera College, RIBS College, Global College, National Open College, LACM College of Management and RR College were the 10 participants in the finals. Besides the college bands,popular bands like Mukti and Revival, Sound Cuddles, Wabash Canon Ball, Sirish Khadka were among the list of entertainers who made the event more special and effective.

“It is a sincere effort from our side. It is to make the people of Nepal more aware practically as they are so much inclined to only theoretical knowledge,” said B Kayastha of Positive Vibes.

Each of the college bands performed two songs with one related to global warming. Songs like Jindagi ko khoj ma, Lakshya, Pralaiko tras, Revenge, My broken tendency, …and I killed myself some of which were their own compositions won the hearts of the audience.

Sound Cuddles, winner of the Sprite Band Challenge 2, gave a thrilling performance with songs like Panchi and Bichod ko Katha. Guitarist Sajan Lama expressed, “Issues like this are very sensitive and it’s a privilege to be a part of such noble events spreading awareness.”

All the bands were very much into heavy metal, new wave metal and rock that kept the spectators screaming for more.

Rockin Lal Shrestha, Anil Shakya, Sishir Manandar, Udesh Lal Shrestha and Prabat Manandar were the judges of the competition. Little Angels College of Management emerged as winners who took home an album contract and album promotion by Positive Vibes. RIBS College and Intensive College were the first and second runners-up and won four and three songs recording respectively.