It is always a great experience to be in the lap of god. I still remember Lumbini, though I am far from the place. My memories are always the pleasant relating to my childhood days and playing games with my friends. I still have fresh memories of eating fruits roaming the forests.

My most memorable memory is of swimming in the river. While playing deusi in Tihar, we usually collected quite a lot of money and managed to go for picnics. We used to go to places where there are monasteries of Lord Buddha. The area is very big. Inside that area, the sacrificing goats, chickens or any other living thing, is strictly forbidden.

We used to take our elders also for picnics and they helped us while cooking. Then we visited the monasteries. There are many monasteries made by different countries like Sri Lanka, Korea, Japan, China, among others.

The golden monastery made by Sri Lanka is the most popular. Maya Devi temple, Ashoka pillar among others are also famous.

The environment is very peaceful. There is one dome-like structure. People believe that if they are able to run and write their wish in that building, then their wish will be fulfilled. We tried doing that, but without any success. It was really very difficult for us.

I have memories of the big peepal tree. People believe that if one can enter the hole in the tree, then their sins will be forgiven. We were able to pass through this hole successfully.

After roaming around and praying to Lord Buddha, we joined the others at our picnic spot and enjoyed a lot. I can never forget my fantastic memories of Lumbini. I will love my birthplace Lumbini always.

— Saugat Mishra, Class X, Suryodaya Sai School, Lalitpur