It’s time to design watches

MUMBAI: The brand ambassador of Tag Heuer, Shahrukh Khan, will help promote the sales of the timepiece. And this will not just be restricted till his participation in the promotional campaign. Khan will also put forth his constructive inputs in the new designs of Tag Heuer watches. The company has used this formula with their international brand ambassadors and feels that Shahrukh’s contribution in the new look will impart his personal feel and touch to the watch.

Lara finds fairer sex attractive

MUMBAI: And no, we are not talking about any of her film characters here. This is what the Bollywood onscreen temptress has to say in the latest issue of the film magazine ‘Stardust’. Lara Dutta shares her unbiased views on sex, sex and more sex in an interview in explicit detail. She talks about how sex is an important part of a relationship and how a relationship is an important part of sex.

Some of Lara’s honest quotes include “The most important thing when you’re having sexual intercourse is ‘Are you making your partner happy?’” and expresses that “I honestly believe that one of the main reasons we were put on earth was to procreate and to keep a species alive”.

On a serious note she claims, “In a relationship being forced to participate in sexual intercourse is definitely rape”. And on a lighter side she confesses, “I definitely think the female form is far more attractive than the male body. I myself dress for other woman because the women are going to check me out more than the men are”.

Not Rani, not Preity but Sush!

MUMBAI: The Big B - Rishi Kapoor starrer ‘DOGS’ is in the news yet again. In fact, the project has been making news even before it has officially gone on the floors.

The latest development is that the makers of DOGS have approached Rani Mukherji to enact the role of the hooker in the film, while the Big B wants Preity Zinta for the role in question, according to a newspaper report.

However, SM Ausaja, the producer, denies the development outright. “Neither have we approached Rani, nor has Mr Bachchan suggested Preity for the said role,” he comes to the point without beating around the bush, “In fact, I don’t think either Rani or Preity would be interested in doing our project.”

Reason? “The role demands several love making sequences with Rishi Kapoor. These scenes are meant to be wild and raunchy and I think they wouldn’t be comfortable doing that,” Ausaja admits.

“We’ve some names in mind, like Sushmita Sen. Ideally, Sush would suit the role. But we haven’t approached her yet. There’re other names as well, we’re busy contemplating whom to cast,” Ausaja states.

As the character demanded

MUMBAI: The mega starcast of Mani Shankar’s ‘Tango Charlie’ has one more addition now. And the add-on is model Kelly Dorjee best known as Lara Dutta’s boyfriend since her Miss Universe days. When the script of the film demanded a gurkha character with negative shades, Dorjee bagged the role. Well, Dorjee seems to be an ideal choice as far as the gurkha looks for the character is concerned.

As for his acting ability well we will have to wait and watch for that.

Karisma or Luck By Chance

MUMBAI: The desk-job specialists are really going overboard. Their figment of their current imagination is that Zoya Akhtar has signed Karisma Kapoor for her directorial debut, which was to star Madhuri Dixit at a point of time.

After Madhuri and Zoya decided to part ways (there were creative differences, besides monetary issues), there was talk that Aishwarya Rai, Karisma Kapoor and Preity Zinta, the ‘next three options’, were being considered for the role in question.

However, a section of the media has gone overboard by stating that Karisma has been confirmed for the role. However, Zoya sounded shocked while crosschecked about the development. “I haven’t finalised anyone yet. No, not even Karisma Kapoor,” Zoya clarified, continuing in the same breath, “I also wish to clarify that the title of the film is not ‘Nargis’. The actual title is ‘Luck By Chance’.”