Guy wanted a normal wife

LONDON: British director Guy Ritchie was so desperate for ex-wife and pop queen Madonna to lead a normal life that he got her to wash his car Sunday mornings.

Ritchie complained he was trying to turn her into an English housewife, reports

He cooked huge Sunday roasts and wanted her to join him and their children to watch award-winning television soap opera EastEnders on the sofa together like ordinary families.

Desperate for her relationship to work, Madonna tried to be a perfect wife. But a friend said,

“From the start, they were chalk and cheese. Madonna loved her millionaire, high-octane existence while Guy was laid-back and was never one for making extravagant gestures... ever.”

Ritchie preferred drinking and playing cards with pals, including actor Jason Statham, rather than spending time with his wife. But she craved attention and demanded glamorous nights out with him.

“She wanted to get dressed up and be seen. She loved the glitz and the glamour and the photographers waiting for her. Guy wanted a wife he could have a whisky on the sofa with,” said a source.