Gyalmo’s voice enthralls all


Many may not be familiar with Dawa Gyalmo and her musical prowess, but her musical repertoire still had the power to hold her audience in raptures even after all these

years. The singer from Darjeeling, who began her foray in the realm of music in the 70’s, was as absorbing as the artiste must have been in her prime.

Having given the Nepali music buffs such evergreen numbers like Baduli lagyo ni lagyo..., expectations were high though many were sceptical whether the singer would entertain as much those featured earlier in the Paleti series at Nepa~laya. Once Gyalmo took over, the artiste mesmerised the audience giving them the taste of music that has long been ancient history.

As usual the premises of Nepa~laya was teeming even before the musical evening began.

The Paleti Shrinkhala series on September 28 began with some of the most popular songs in adhunik Nepali music including Sahar bhitra keko halla, Ankha roye, Kati baat sahen to name of few. Along with songs of unrequited love, there were songs that invoked pure nostalgia. And though the singer was to wrap up the evening with the song Subhakamana, the artist was requested to sing Malai rukho anubhuti twice by the audience before the show actually came to

a close.