Gyllenhaals obedient daughter

LONDON: Maggie Gyllenhaal is baffled by her young daughter’s impeccable behaviour — because the actress was ‘kind of wild’ when she was a child.

The Crazy Heart star’s daughter Ramona, with husband Peter Sarsgaard, always listens to her parents and abides by their rules — even reminding them when she isn’t allowed to watch her favourite TV shows. But Gyllenhaal is mystified by the three-year-old’s obedience.

She tells British show GMTV, “I am actually just getting into discipline. My parents didn’t have a lot of rules, I was kind of wild. My daughter really like rules and likes to test — will I

really say no Charlie and Lola (TV show) in the morning? And she reminds me sometimes — ‘Remember Mama, no Charlie and Lola today’.”