Half-empty or half-full?

Optimism is a way of life. It is an art, which will let you live your life in the true sense. There will be ups and downs in our lives, but the main thing is we remain optimistic. Optimism helps us to look at life in a different way. Never get over excited in good times because life is uncertain and there are times when life will not go the way we want it to. But then again, see it this way — after rain there is always sunshine. 

The first step to being optimistic is to be cheerful. Cheerfulness shoots away negative thoughts whereas gloominess invites bad feelings and thoughts.

This is especially for students. Whenever you get a scolding or an advice, be sure that you never ever turn a deaf ear. Instead listen carefully because they are indeed trying to correct you.

People do not like being criticised but as a matter of fact critics are the gifts of God. Puzzled? Yes, critics are like editors who help us edit our mistakes and become perfect.

So next time you are being criticised, take it as a medicine that will cure your errs.