Happiness is around the corner

What would it take to make you happy? A fab promotion? A live-in maid? What? Learning techniques of reaping happiness is tough but not impossible.

Any of the above might make you dance in the streets — for a while. But the reality is that joy is mostly of our own making and has little to do with external trappings. And while some people simply seem to be born cheerful, we aren’t completely preprogrammed. Happiness is like a cholesterol level — genetically influenced but also influenced by things we do. Fortunately, you can pump up the bliss factor in your life in dozens of ways, from the foods you eat to how you spend your free time. So, delve into our merry bag of tricks and find everything you need to turn up the positive vibes in your life.

Your accomplishment symbol may be brushing your teeth, washing your face, shaving, having breakfast. Remember, it is something you are already doing, not something you think you should be doing. Whenever you do this each day, enjoy a sense of accomplishment. — Agencies