Happiness lies in the heart

Happiness - What is it? How does it come? Can we feel it? What would it take to make someone happy? What? Well this opinion may differ from person to person, as for me -”Happiness is mobility”. We are happy to the extent that we are mobile.

To retain happiness, things have to go our way. Happiness is a positive state of mind which one can easily gain by harbouring good feelings and a positive attitude. In other words, we can also say that happiness can easily develop in one’s mind if one is pleased, contented, thinks he is fortunate.

Reaping happiness in a serious person is a tough job but not impossible. Being happy and making others happy is mostly in our own hands. It does not mean that a serious person doesn’t have the funny bone in him and a funny person is always happy, each one of us have our own manner of conveying happiness i.e. either by a gentle smile, a big grin, by exasperation or by making a gesture.

There is misconception that someone might have become sad due to the problems that the encountering but one should never forget that nothing is good or bad to be categorised but it is the feeling that makes it so.

“Happiness is a shy bird. If you hunt it, it will fly away .It is better to set a trap for it, and look the other way out.” People often associate money with happiness and sigh, “If only I were rich!” but it is not that money alone can bring happiness, despite the absence of money, we can do much to make our life pleasant. Yet the rich people are sometimes unhappy and happiness bloom in the hearts of poor. It is not that if we are not affluent so we can never be happy. Everyone is not a hero but there are a few who can eradicate depression and gloom from their hearts and create happiness. A poor man may be happy in a hut and a millionaire unhappy in a palace. The secret of happiness lies in unselfishness, caring thoughts, kind acts towards others, being humane and having a clear conscience.

“The mind is its own place, and of itself can make a hell of heaven and a heaven of hell.”

— Alisha Manandhar, Class IX ‘A’, Shuvatara School