He loved humanity

Himalayan News Service


The death of one of the most revered persons in the world, Pope John Paul II, left not only the Catholics all around the world but also everyone grief-stricken. The Holy Man’s return to Father’s home is being commemorated as a celebration worldwide.

Father Justin of Assumption Church said, “He was indeed a great man who inspired faith and hope around the world. Pope who envisaged peace and humanity in the world really encouraged us to serve with honesty.” Assumption Church welcomes people from all walks of life to pay homage to Pope at the Church at Dhobighat.

Fr A Sharma, head of Catholic Community in Nepal, shared, “We are planning to conduct Mass on Wednesday coinciding with that of in Vatican.” Quoting US president George W Bush as he had summarised the life of Pope, Fr Sharma reiterated, “Indeed he was the champion of freedom and good shepherd of Catholic community. What he did in his capacity was, I think, beyond anyone’s vision and capability and we really are proud to have one such great man to serve the whole world.”

The wisdom and farsightedness, his in-depth analysis and his ways of perceiving things made Pope one of the most admired persons in this world.

Fr Gregory Sharkey, moderator, GAA, shared, “Pope was a well-informed person on every aspect of life and his personal knowledge was so deep that his preaching would inspire people around the world for eternity. We pray for him.”