Heading back to work


Taking a career break is sometimes not just a choice but rather a necessity for a woman. In most of the cases women keep their career at hold for their children. Many women choose to return to their career after their children join a school. But this is not the only scenario, there are many women who take a rather long career break as they return only when their children themselves have started on their career.

Women who have taken up studies and those who had to stay home to take care of elderly relative also undergo through gap in their career. Getting back to work after such career break can be daunting for these women. Most of them get confused and cannot think where to begin with.

The workplace and the working environment have gone through several changes which, they have to deal with. All these often hamper their confidence and also make them question their abilities. But this doesn’t mean that you cannot start all over again. All you need is just to think over certain points and work on it.

First of all you need to seriously look at the things that kept you busy throughout the hiatus. You just need to find out the skills you have acquired in this period, which can be useful in you workplace. For example if you have been looking after you children then you might have developed communication and organising skills. All you need to know is that you find the right employer who will value these skills.

Information Technology is one thing that no workplace today can do without. So it

is vital that you update your IT knowledge. You just need to have basic knowledge like knowing to use Internet and email.

Your CV is another par that you have to focus on. There are different styles in which you can write a CV. In your case it is the skill based CV that you should go for. You need to highlight what you can do by focusing on your strength. Your CV should help you to cover the lack of experience during the time you were out of work. Let your probable employer know what can you do to his/her firm rather than where have you worked before.

While returning to work you should not forget that there would be lot of changes even in your personal life. The most important thing is to balance your professional and personal life. It is necessary that you discuss your new move with your partner, children and other people who will be affected by your decision. Their support can make things easier and will also boost your self-esteem.

The fact that workplaces today focus more on the abilities of a person and is open for innovative ideas is a very good sign for all those taking a break from a hiatus. All you need is to believe in yourself.