Heartbeats at level zero

KATHMANDU: Promoting artists who delve into artwork with a different dimension and promoting new genres of art, this time Sutra had invited Sasaki-Heartbeat, an innovative artist from Japan.

Sasaki-Heartbeat has been a part of Sutra Residency 08 for the last six weeks creating interesting artworks individually and collaborating with Nepali artists as well. Famous for his artworks related to heartbeat which he has been creating for the last 14 years, a special artwork was prepared by the artist titled ‘Zero Hour’ at Siddhartha Art Gallery on October 16.

The artist continuously created incessant lines representing the heartbeat on a glass pane as Sarita Mishra accompanied him on the tabala producing sounds similar to heartbeats. Describing his work, he said, “Usually I make these artworks in red, but since this is titled

‘Zero Hour’, I chose silver as it is a translucent colour, and zero hour is a moment which represents the starting and the ending as well, and is a very important moment. Even spiritually I feel like I am at level zero.”

The artist has other interesting artworks on show. A collaborative exhibition by Gopal Kalapremi Shrestha, Sasaki-Heartbeat and Manish Lal Shrestha will be shown at Embassy of Japan on October 17. The exhibition will continue till October 24. An installation art ‘Mountain’ will be opened on October 18 at the Nepal Art Council, which will continue till October 20.

The shows have been organised by Sutra in collaboration with Siddhartha Art Gallery, Embassy of Japan, Agency for cultural affairs Government of Japan, Nepal Art Council, KU,

Ford Foundation and Gokem Ceramics.