Heidi Klum’s Cheesy Body

LONDON: Supermodel Heidi Klum admits she is always covered in food because she keeps dropping snacks down her front.

Heidi Klum is suffering an unusual side-effect of pregnancy - she keeps losing food.

The German supermodel - who is expecting her first daughter with musician husband Seal, with who she already raises three children - says her hormones are playing havoc with her memory and she keeps forgetting where she has put things.

Referring to cheese-flavoured puff snack Cheetos, she said: "You forget things and you always drop food. I'm always like, 'What happened before? Did I drop it in my lap and not notice?'

"Now I have Cheeto dust all over me all the time. And then you have to lick the orange fingers."

Seal is currently on tour and has been away from Heidi for five weeks, and she admits her appearance has changed dramatically in that time.

She added on US TV series 'The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien': "Especially at the end of your pregnancy, you get bigger. I was just thinking he hasn't seen me in five weeks. He's probably going to come home and be like, 'Oh, hi! Nice to meet you! Where is my wife?' "

Heidi is expected to give birth in October.