Helping your child with homework

Homework is an important part of a child’s learning pro-cess, it is also a great way for parents to get involved and stay informed about what is being taught.

The best way to ensure that the homework sessions you have with your child basically depends on the child’s nature. Just sitting at his study table, in a quiet room, alone may not always be the best way to learn, they may need your help.

When your child gets home from school, discuss their day and find out what homework they have been given. Create a plan as to how you will go for getting the homework done.

Some children would prefer to jump right in and complete their homework right after they reach home. While others need a mental break from the day before they can concentrate to studying again. As long as there is a mutual understanding between the two of you and have worked out a plan that works for you both, either way its fine.

It is also important to give your child a healthy meal, preferably with protein before they begin their homework. Hunger can be a major source of distraction, and kids are usually looking for any excuse to put off doing their homework. Include a piece of bread or roti with butter, some chicken or vegetables and fruits. These snacks will keep their energy level up and keep them from feeling lethargic.

Next, decide on the best environment for your child to do their homework in. Any area is fine as long as there are no distractions. Never allow your child to do homework with the

television on. Before your child sits down to do his homework, make sure that all the necessary things they will need are readily available. Also be sure that they have used the toilet and keep a glass of water to drink. Avoiding breaks will increase your childs concentration level. The amount of help you provide your child with their homework, again depends on the child.

Consult their teacher and find out how much guidance or help your child should be getting. In general, you should be available to answer questions and doubts they have but you should not be doing all their homework for them.

Do not over assist your child on school projects. Parents usually end up doing the entire project and the child loses out on a valuable learning experience. The most important thing to remember when you are helping your child with their homework is to help them stay organized, provide a comfortable work environment and answer any questions they ask without being too involved.