Her moods in colours


While sipping a cup of coffee or a cold drink in this hot weather, the visitors at Imago Dei Café can now quench their thirst for Nepali art as well.

Works by Erina Tamrakar is displayed throughout the café. The semi-abstract and modern art works will be on its walls for a month. The pieces are from various collections from the past four years, but by looking at the subjects of her works, you know they are all by Tamrakar. Most of her subjects are women in their various moods and emotions against the backdrop of vibrantly coloured trees.

Being a woman herself, she said it’s very easy for her to depict the imaginary women with various expressions and poses.

“When I sit in front of a blank canvas, there is nothing in my mind,” said Tamrakar. “After

I put the first coating on the canvas, before I know it, the painting is done.”

Though her subjects are mostly women, she still finds ways to make each painting unique in itself. Over the years, she found that every year her mind tends to focus on one particular colour — one year orange, another year red, and in the last year she has been using a lots of white with secondary colours of grey and black. This is why the displays at the Imago Dei Café are great to see, because you can see the change in the colours like the seasons, though she said it’s always unintentional.

In about two months, Tamrakar will finish a brand new collection. She said the subjects are still the same, but they are depicted in a different way.

“The subject is still women’s feelings, but there is something new,” she hinted. — HNS