Here come the winning brides

KATHMANDU: “Honeymoon is every woman’s dream. One always harbours the wish to go to a new place before starting one’s married life. But somehow for many, the wish remains unfulfilled. So we came up with this contest to make this dream of theirs come true,” said Sachin Shrestha, marketing officer of Unilever Nepal Limited, at a programme organised on January 25 to announce the winners of the ‘Lakme bride contest’.

The contest that began on December 1, 2006 saw 1,034 contestants from all over Nepal vie for the lucrative prize of a chance to visit Singapore. All the gorgeous participants had sent photographs decked up in wedding attire. Make-up artist Sneh Rana selected Senu Ranjit, Kriti Nakarmi Manadhar, Mamta Singh and Navadita Koirala as the winners of the contest based on their apparel and make-up.

The winners are eligible for a Singapore visit package for two, or Rs 50,000 if they choose not to fly.

At the same function, the ‘Lux Star for a Day’ contest winner was also announced. The contest open for women of all ages, had asked contestants to write in how they would spend Rs 50,000 in one day.

A total of 338 women had sent in their ideas of how they would spend the amount in a day.

In the lucky draw, Lajana Shrestha was announced the winner. She will be spending Rs 50,000 in one day as she had said she would.