Hilton buys pet piglet

Socialite Paris Hilton is set to become a mum to a little piggy - she's ordered a pot belly from a pig breeder in Oregon.

The hotel heiress is known for her love of miniature dogs and is always pictured with her favourite pet, Tinkerbell.

But the pups will have to make way for a new addition to the family - Hilton's placed an order for a £3,000 Royal Dandie pig, who will be delivered by hand next month.

The black, white and pink newborn will be nine weeks old when it is introduced to Hilton, and the socialite cannot wait to hold the baby she has christened Princess Pigelette (sic).

Her representative tells TMZ.com, "Paris is thrilled! She is a major animal lover and is excited for the arrival of her new piglette (sic)."