His poetry is popular

Himalayan News Service


At a time when people are pessimistic about the Nepali literature not being loved by our own people, the scene at Gurukul on July 23 was uplifting, to say the least. Gurukul in association with Himal Media and Nepali Kabita.com had organised a solo poetry recitation of contemporary Nepali poet and lyrics writer, Shrawan Mukarung. Thouth the and the tickets were priced at Rs 150, the turnout of Nepali poetry-lovers (or the lovers of Shrawan Mukarung’s poetry!) was huge. Mukarung recited about 40 of his poems divided into seven categories—selected poems from initial phase of writing, poems representing love, portrait poems written about a particular person, abstract poems, songs, poems on social theme and lastly poems about political consciousness. His poems have covered all aspects of society with equal power and force. Some of his poems were recited by other prominent personalities like Dinesh Adhikari Biplab Dhakal, and Sunil Pokharel. Mukarung’s poem Bishe Nagarchi, about a historical character who assisted Prithvi Narayan Shah in unifying Nepal and widely accalimed, was the main attraction. The fund generated will be given to the poet himself.