History’s untold stories


Sarwanam is marking its 26th year by staging Itihas ko baki pristha in different places around the country. After successfully staging it in Dhangadi, Narayangadh and Pokhara, the play was shown at the City Hall in Kathmandu on June 14.

Revolving around the negative effects of conflict and how it has devastated entire villages, and how those living are still searching and waiting for their loved ones to come back. The woes of a widow whose husband has died in the city for Loktantra, while she suffers in the village has been well depicted. The play ends with the Sahid’s young son vowing to make his father’s dreams turn into a reality.

The play has taken up a burning issue and touc-hed the sentiments of the people, but at times it see-med to drag with the audience getting impatient for the next scene to unfold.

Ashesh Malla has tried a new approach by merging the play on stage with scenes on a screen, which was interesting. However, a person dying getting hit by a bullet in his chest and not a drop of blood looked a bit unconvincing when shown on screen.

Another hindrance that decreased the gravity of the play was that the hall was packed with people who were not really interested in the play and were just there to crack some jokes.