Hope is their muse

Their voice reflects raw talent and skilful craft and the choice of their songs embody their individual thoughts and aspirations. Samsung Nepali Tara — a search for a singing star — is set to enter its fourth round soon and already 10 winners have been announced.

They are Nitin Gajurel, Prem BK, Reshu Dudhraj, Sheetal Yonzan, Sanjeev Parajuli, Rupak Dotel, Para Luxman, Dharmendra Sewan, Santosh Lama and Bhavin Dhungana. These young singers have passed three rigorous sessions comprising renditions of modern/semiclassical, folk and pop songs to achieve their ticket to the next phase of the race and viewers look forward to their performance.

Presenter Brazesh Khanal informed THT that each of the following rounds now will be themed on a different subject like “golden oldies”, “hot remixes”, “film songs” and “current hits”, to name a few. — HNS