House of House

Venue: Club Galaxy, Hotel Everest

Time: 11:30 pm

Crowd: 400


It was Saturday night and raining cats and dogs. Probably one would expect people to be sitting at home sipping a cup of coffee or just glued to the television. But Club Galaxy had a totally different scenario to present. Crowded with more than 400 people, the party ‘Goan Groove’ was absolutely one of the most rocking parties in the recent times. DJ Iggy all the way from Delhi made the party animals of the city rock to the tunes that they had never heard before.

The party that started at around 8 pm, had the initial commercial set of tracks played by DJ Kranti creating the perfect ambience. The crowd comprised of people of all kinds - young or old and shy or bold. They could be seen flaunting ‘latkas’ and ‘jhatkas’ to the latest Bollywood and commercial tracks like “Just Chill” and “Kala Chashma”. And then it was time for the much-awaited hunk DJ Iggy to take control of the console. Dressed up in a chic white vest showing off his highly well built body, DJ Iggy came on to the floor at 9:30 pm to groove the city slickers of Kathmandu like never before. He played music that was a mix of Deep House, Tech House and a little bit of Funky House. The most amazing fact about Iggy’s music and his style was how he cast a spell on the crowd who would otherwise be seen dancing to the usual club music. “I was amazed to see how the crowd responded to my music and this was the first time in my life that I played for 5 hours at a stretch. People kept on dancing and I kept on playing and nothing could be better beyond that,” said DJ Iggy, elated. The choice of music played by the DJ, though already popular in the European party circuit, had never been played in this part of the world before. And the fact is that 80 per cent of the music played by Iggy has not been officially released yet and will be done do in the year 2006 making the event even more exclusive. The success of ‘Goan Groove’ proves the fact that the partygoers of Nepal have no prejudice whatsoever for any kind of music and enjoy any genre to the max.

The credit for bringing together such a unique show goes to the organisers, three women trying to make a mark in this male dominated world. All in all, the magic created by DJ Iggy will live on!