How did MJ die?

LONDON: Pop legend Michael Jackson was allegedly killed by a shot of painkiller given by an aide as his personal doctor Conrad Murray slept, according to a new report.

Murray is reported to have confessed to the Los Angeles police that he had already given the singer surgical anaesthetic Propofol that same day, Sun online reported.

Jackson is said to have woken when the effects wore off and demanded pain relief. After which painkiller Demerol was reportedly administered by an aide. The combination of Demerol and Propofol (known by the brand name Diprivan) triggered a massive heart attack, which killed the superstar, the report stated.

US sources have claimed that Murray was asleep and therefore not paying attention when his patient’s heart stopped beating. The report stated that cardiologist woke to find 50-year-old Jackson dead and desperately tried to revive him.

“Murray would set up a system to give Michael a steady intravenous release of Diprivan through the night. But this time Michael woke up before Murray did and asked one of his aides for some Demerol,” a case insider told the publication. “The aide gave it to him, but it was too soon after receiving the anaesthetic. That’s what killed him,” the insider added.