How I learned from my mistake

They say to make mistakes is human. Some make mistakes knowingly and some do

it unknowingly. If someone makes a mistake knowingly it is a crime. But if the mistake happens by chance then one should be careful not to repeat it. Because repeating the same mistake is foolish.

God gifted us with a special power to learn from our mistakes but many fail to do so.

Once I read the proverb “People do mistake that’s why a pencil got an eraser on top.”

It is difficult to find a person who does not make mistakes. Scientists make many mistakes during their experiments. The best thing is that they learn from their mistakes and correct it. And thus they become successful in their experiments. I would like to mention my own experience here. While I was studying in grade four I was very lazy and didn’t care much about my studies. My teachers and my parents talked to me about this but I did not listen to them.

At the end of the year I got the result of my deeds. In my progress report it was clearly mentioned that I was to remain in the same class. I had to repeat the same class while my friends were upgraded.

They looked at me with surprise. At that time I felt very sad. I realized my mistake and decided not to waste my time being idle.

From that time I studied hard and did not waste my time. I am improving in my studies. I get good marks as well. Nowadays even my teachers consider me as an example for other students. Now I believe that those who learn from mistakes achieve success.

— Kejan Bajracharya,

Class VIII, Magus English School, Kirtipur