How Oprah got her top job


It was her interview with funnyman Robin Williams that landed Oprah Winfrey a top job turning her into talk show queen of TV.

In her new book O’s Big Book of Happiness, Winfrey reveals how her high-spirited chat with the energetic funnyman, when she was only 24-year-old, helped convince network bosses to hand her first talk show, the Contactmusic reported.

“Five minutes of the most exhilarating, wild, off-the-charts minutes I’d ever spent in an interview with the most uninhibited, out-of-the-box, free-falling-in-every-second celebrity/human I’d ever met,” says Winfrey describing her interview with Williams. TV chiefs were so impressed with her performance that they stole her from the local TV station she was working at that time and hired her to co-host People are Talking with Richard Sher. — Agencies