Katie Holmes made her Broadway debut in All My Sons on September 18, and her husband Tom Cruise thought it was a knockout.

When asked for his verdict on Holmes’ performance, Cruise stopped for a moment while moving through the crowd at the Gerald Schoenfeld Theatre, telling The Associated Press: “Did you see it? ... It was extraordinary.” Hundreds of people bought tickets to see Holmes act on Broadway for the first time in a preview performance for the revival of All My Sons co-starring John Lithgow, Dianne Wiest and Patrick Wilson.

If Holmes felt nervous and jittery, she didn’t show it. She delivered her lines with confidence and projected her girlish voice so it could be heard loud and clear. She danced around on stage with gusto. She looked lovely in two dresses that highlighted her trim yet shapely figure. She wore a brown shoulder-length hairpiece to hide her trendy pixie cut.

And she received a standing ovation afterward. It’s safe to say that no one probably clapped harder than Cruise. — AP