Hudgens wants to date other men

HOLLYWOOD: Vanessa, 20, who met her 21-year-old beau while on the show, was reportedly livid after she learnt that Efron did not want to get married until he turned 40, reports the China Daily.

Now, in order to make him jealous, the actress has decided to see other people.

“When Vanessa heard about Zac's plan to stay single for the next couple of decades she was shocked and shattered. She'd secretly hoped for an engagement ring within the next year or two!” a source told the National Enquirer magazine.

Vanessa had decided on the freedom to date other guys after she had a talk with her friends.

“Zac's totally upset - he doesn't want Vanessa dating anyone else. Even though he's not ready to commit himself to settling down at this stage of his young life, the thought of Vanessa in another man's arms drives him crazy,” the source added.