Hudson to tie knot with Rodriguez

LONDON: Kate Hudson is set to marry Alex 'A-Rod' Rodriguez.

The 'Fool's Gold' actress is delighted with the way her romance with the baseball star - who she has been dating since May - is progressing and friends are expecting the couple to announce their engagement in the near future.

A source said: "Kate is head over heels for Alex and he feels the same way. As long as things continue to be so great, they will get married. They are practically there already with the shared homes, the children and balancing work."

Kate and Alex have just moved in together in New York and are taking steps to help their children bond.

Kate has a five-year-old son Ryder with her ex-husband, Black Crowes rocker Chris Robinson, while Alex is father to Natasha, four, and 16-month-old Ella, his kids with former spouse Cynthia.

The source added to the FOX 411 blog: "Kate will spend every free minute with him and she happily brings her son along with her to games and on trips to be with Alex.

"They are sharing one of her Los Angeles homes and his New York bachelor pad, but recently they have moved into a second home in Purchase, New York. Alex has to be close to New York for work and his daughters.

"Kate wanted Ryder to meet Alex's daughters, and now the three kids play together. They make an adorable family. He makes plenty of time for family meals, and especially dates with Kate."