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This is their fourth event and with each attempt they have tried going bigger. Collage International Pvt Ltd was formed by three energetic people — Manish Poudel, Akash Shrestha and Bishal Shrestha — with an aim to cater to a certain segment of society, in a stylish way. Whether it was the event ‘Ultimate Wired’ or ‘Jammin’ with 1974 AD’ or ‘Rise Above’, each event had a different theme and were so well conceptualised that each was received with applause and nice accolades. Success of these past events has enthused the trio to come up with yet another thematic party that takes you back to an era which was dominated by the marked sophistication of the ‘capo di capi’ (Friends of the Friends) in terms of fine music, fine wine and fine cuisine.

Collage International is organising ‘Badabing and Badaboom’ today at Yak & Yeti which promises to offer something more than usual. The official media for the event is The Himalayan Times. The event seeks to proffer an exceptional participation of people from the corporate circle, diplomats and expatriates. “The focus of the event is on the ‘Don’, the one who holds power and connections and the serves as a source of inspiration for many who seek to lead. We invite our guests to dress accordingly so as to connect with the theme,” adds Shrestha.

Besides fine dining and music, the event offers other activities as well. If someone is good at one-liners, s/ he can take a shot at it and maybe win a prize at the end of the event. Nicknames, A la Mode and Bepop Boogie are other fun games that have been lined up.

“It’s a nice break and everyone should enjoy it to the fullest. Unless we involve each and everyone, it’s going to be no different from the other parties and as promised we want to party in a style that’s different,” informs Bishal.

The live band that will be performing will be another highlight of the event. The McTwisters is led by renowned saxophone, clarinet and flute player, Peter Kroutil from Czech Republic.

Peter says, “Keeping in tune with the theme, we will be playing some numbers from the early 50s.” The McTwisters has an all-star line up — Manoj Kumar KC, Nirakar Yakthumba, Sanjay Shrestha and Pravin Manandhar on the drums. The band plays its own unique style of music, blending eclectic jazz with hard rock over various rhythms from all over the world. All members of the band have travelled the world playing with different famous musicians and the sound of the McTwisters is the culmination of their musical journey. A stand-up comic show by Dawadi will be an added attraction.